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A GUI editor for dot language used in graphviz.

Welcome to DotEditor

This project try to create a easy GUI tools for graphviz. In DotEditor you can simply add node, edge, subgraph and edit their attributes in GUI way. For skilled graphviz user, the DotEditor supply a dot script language editor to write, check and compile to preview.

The features of DE include:

These is some screenshot of DotEditor.

Main Frame

Script Editor

A Artificial-Neural-Network drawing image

Color Scheme Choicer

Node Shape Choicer

Arrow Type Choicer

To use the DotEditor, the graphviz MUST installed on the computer. You can download the binary graphviz files from graphviz' homepage: . As a alternative solution, to add the "graphviz/bin" into the "PATH" environment parameter is also worked fine to run DotEditor.

The DotEditor is published under Apache 2.0 License (

Binary Release files.

Windows 64bit DotEditor-0.3.1-win64.exe Tested on windows 7 64bit, windows 10.
Windows 32bit DotEditor-0.3.1-win32.exe Tested on windows XP.
Mac 64bit DotEditor-0.3.1.dmg Tested on Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.
Linux 64bit DotEditor-0.3.1-linux Tested on Ubuntu 14.04, Arch Linux.

Again, the binary file needed the graphviz installed on the same machine, click HERE to download the graphviz binary install files.


Linux binary release plan is working in progress. Before that, you can use DotEditor by download the source file if you have a python running environment. The dependents is list below.

Use DotEditor in source.

To run the script, these package or library(in specified version) is necessary.

The source package is available from github. Click DotEditor Source to download the newest sources.

This is the dependents list.

  1. Graphviz >= 2.66
  2. wxpython >= 3.0
  3. PLY == 3.4
  4. colour >= 0.1.1

Thank for using.

Thank for using the DotEditor, if you find bug or want some new feature, please contact me ( forever.h (AT) :) ).